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The art of Paul Romano

Paul Romano is a graphic designer living and working in Philadelphia.  He has been a professional since the 1990’s, and is now best known for his work in the music industry, frequently working with heavy metal bands to not only design album covers, but to craft a visual identity for each artist.

Romano is today perhaps best known for his work with Atlanta-based metal band Mastodon.  As one of the most popular and well-respected heavy metal groups today, Mastodon’s music has given Romano’s beautiful works a wide audience.  True to his reputation, he has not only designed cover art for every one of the band’s albums and singles, but also liner note art and merchandise, and his distinctive style has become a core part of Mastodon’s identity.

Romano's art for the Mastodon album Leviathan

This is one of my favorite examples of Romano’s work.  The bold, contrasting colors, the symmetrical design, and the highly detailed illustrations come together to form a grandiose, almost dreamlike spread.  The piece also shows off Romano’s trademark tribal style in his illustrations, producing a look which perfectly meshes with Mastodon’s primal sound.  This talent for creating a visual look that perfectly matches his clients’ sounds is perhaps Romano’s greatest strength as a designer and artist.