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A Photo I Love

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

A pair of sneakers overlooking the street

Here’s an old photo of mine that I would like to share.  It was taken about a year ago, from my old bedroom on the fourth floor of West Quad’s building C.  I wanted to give the impression that the shoes were “looking” down on the road and everything in it, so I used a fairly shallow depth of field to keep the focus on the shoes while maintaining a little bit on the road.  I was very pleased with the content and the composition, and I turned in this picture as part of an assignment for another photography class I was taking at the time.

Content aside, this photo in particular has become one that I have a great emotional attachment to.  It evokes memories of my dorm room at at West Quad, a place that I have strong nostalgic feelings for, and reminds me of how I could relax back then just by watching the people and cars go by on the street below.  Looking at it now, this photo has a certain wistful quality to me, with the low-key lighting and the impression that the shoes are “gazing” silently out onto the road.  Of all the photos I took while living at West Quad, this is the most memorable and the most nostalgic.

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